Top 5 Reasons it’s GREAT to be SINGLE over the Holidays!
December 6, 2010

Holiday lights, Christmas trees, presents, parties — the holiday season can be AMAZING fun and filled with friends and gifts and reasons to be thankful. The thing about the holidays is that if you are SINGLE, and you are not near your family (either in proximity or in spirit), it can be a time of trepidation where you just want to put your head down and work until it’s all over.

Cheer up, singles! It doesn’t have to be a time of anxiety — take a deep breath and reflect on  the Top 5 reasons it’s GREAT to be SINGLE over the Holidays:

1. You are not forced to go to your spouse or significant other’s holiday party — you don’t know those people anyway, and you will be spared the small talk and empty calories this night would bring.

2.  You are saving money on presents!  This is money that can be spent on making your own holiday merrier.

3. You have time off from work — USE IT to do something YOU really want to do! With less commitments than those who are married — you can decide to take a snowshoeing trip, or learn to cross country ski, or snowboard, or anything else you’ve really wanted to do, because now you can!  Afraid to do it yourself — take a lesson!  Most ski resorts offer them and you have instant “company” on the slopes/snoeshoe hill.  Or, if you REALLY want to have an endless variety of singles events to go to over the holiday season — you can be engaged in holiday fun every night by joining Events and Adventures ( — the adventure and activity club for singles only.  Concerts, shows at the theater, parties, gift exchanges, holiday dinners (even ON Christmas day), group trips for snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, holiday tree lighting in the mountains, and more are already planned for this month in 22 cities across the United States and in Vancouver, BC.  In fact, if you join Events and Adventures and mention the SingleFun blog, you will get your New Year’s Eve party for FREE as well as a thank you for joining.

4.  Great opportunities to meet new singles  — the holiday season is a GREAT time to see and be seen, and many singles are the ones traveling to your town to see their family — what better opportunity to meet them!  Bonus: if their FAMILY is from here, they are not really that long of a long distance relationship — they will always come home.  You can turn the added parties, and the excuse of “spreading holiday cheer” into the best opportunities of the year for you to look your best, reach out to your friends and neighbors and meet someone new!    Pay it forward — bring holiday cookies to your neighbors, or offer to shovel snow from their driveway.  Embrace the holidays instead of hiding from them, and you may find that your neighbor’s nephew or niece from out of town is actually cute, interesting and willing to help you put up your Christmas lights!  Or that the hum-drum holiday party down the street will actually offer you a great opportunity to meet someone new.

5.  Create your own definition of the “holiday spirit.”  If you have always wanted to volunteer at a soup kitchen, there is no better time.  Been looking for the time to organize donation efforts — there is no better time than now to get others to jump on YOUR holiday bandwagon.  A single friend of mine organizes a “Toys for Tots” party at this time of year and the entire group of us meets at a local Toys R Us or Target, buys some holiday toys,  and proceeds directly to the neighborhood fire station for donation to the kids.  All this is followed immediately by a holiday cookies and cocktails party.  What a fun way to share the joy of giving with your friends.

No matter what you decide to do over the holidays, realize that there are some big advantages to being single at this time of year — and in the end, it’s what you make of it!  Tell me, what’s YOUR ideal way to spend the holidays when you are single?


Halloween: Great Opportunity to Meet Singles!
October 29, 2010

Halloween — The holiday of hiding your inhibitions behind a “mask.”  It’s no wonder people love this holiday — and why singles can more easily find love during this holiday.

I know people who are now engaged because of this holiday.  An opportunity for guys of all shapes and sizes to meet new people without the risk of “real” rejection.  If the girl walks away, it must have been the costume, right?

And girls, don’t tell me that you don’t savor the opportunity to wear the sexiest, most riske attire that you own for that evening — all in the quest of looking like the most authentic sexy nurse; or Batgirl;  or “I dream of Jeannie;”  or Tinkerbell;  Or Helga the Viking princess.   None of these characters ever looked sexier.  On this night alone, all ladies have a “pass” if our skirt is too short, enough cleavage is showing to be considered “intimidating,” and yes, you can get away with wearing that long, long mermaid wig and a cone shaped bra.  Or no bra.  There shall be no judgement on showing our sexuality on Halloween.  We all wake up on Nov. 1, still considered a “nice” girl, regardless of what we wore the previous evening.

But I’m not talking about just the “pick up,” I’m talking about a bona fide opportunity to find someone to start a relationship with.  So many times, I’ve seen that the only thing that REALLY gets in the way of meeting Mr. or Ms. “Right” is having the guts to start a conversation.  And to converse back.  And to give someone a chance to be real, and have fun with you.  Halloween takes down the barriers a bit.  I know that’s why the couple I know is getting married — they would never have met, if not for Halloween, because she would have been too, uh, well, “shy” to allow him into her conversation at a normal singles mixer.

The truth is that same “pass” that the ladies get on our attire that evening goes for men, too.  We give them a “pass” for talking to us, even if their look of the evening doesn’t have game.

Halloween is also a big night to meet your friends’-friends and extended network.  When normally you might be sitting around playing “Halo” or Wii with your immediate circle of friends, on Halloween you meet the next 3 degrees of separation from those friends, plus some out of town guests.  Now THAT’s an actual social networking opportunity!

Don’t miss it.  If you don’t have a Halloween party to go to, don’t fret — there’s one that I know of that is 100% singles, and another that I know of that is at least 40% singles (like the average bar, but with a MUCH bigger crowd).  Put on a costume, click the links below to find the one that’s right for you, and Seize the Night!

Let me know how you do 😉

Halloween Costume Party at the old Carnegie Library in Ballard — french and american food, DJ, costume gala 100% singles only!  If you join the club, tell them “Barb from the Events and Adventures Blog” sent you, and you get the party for free

Halloween Party at the Showbox — HUGE party, about 40% single.  No food, but a band. for entertainment.