The DANGER of Staying Inside When You are Single

It’s Friday night.  It’s raining.  You just got off of work, and after a week where you thought of little else, other than work, you are EXHAUSTED.  You have no plans tonight; so, you come home and log into Twitter and Facebook.   You surf the web, and play Wii.  You find a good movie to rent, and order take-out.  You stay up late, because you know you can sleep in, because you don’t really have set plans for tomorrow, either.

Is this the way to meet Ms./Mr. Right?  I think you know the answer to that.

It is not healthy for singles to stay inside, killing time and relaxing on Friday and Saturday nights.  Here is a list of things you C OULD be doing instead of staying in that would bring you one step closer to meeting Mr./Ms. Right:

1.  Get involved!  Join a team, a book club, or fundraising for a cause — I have heard COUNTLESS stories from friends who have met their significant other just by getting out of the house!  Do WHATEVER suits your personality.  Have fun with this!

2.  Get online!  Did you know that 1:5 couples met online today?  Crazy, isn’t it?  If going out on blind dates with online buds is your style, go for it!  More on this, later.

3.  If you REALLY want to get serious about finding a life partner, join a club for singles only, like Events and Adventures.  EVERYONE you meet will be available instead of every 10th person in activities outside of a club for singles.

The point is, if a guy or a girl would have to knock on your front door in order to meet you, it’s probably NOT going to happen.  Don’t let “getting old, alone” happen to you.  That’s how cat people/dog people are created — because relationships with the pet become the most consistent/significant relationship in the person’s life.  Because if you DON’T do anything about your lifestyle that’s exactly what will happen as time marches forward.   You deserve much more.  Avoid the danger — get yourself out of the house.


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