How to Avoid dating a Married Man

Up to 1/3 of the people on online dating sites are actually married.

I cannot imaging a more hurtful and cruel thing to happen to you than to fall in love with someone only to find out later that they are married.  Yes, some of them do hide it that well.

I’ll never forget the man who I accepted a date with once — he was a friend of my boss’s at work.  He gave us (my boss and I) a ride back to the office one night from a place where we were all meeting.  I had to move the baby seat to be able to hop into the back of the car.

He asked me out on a date to the movies.  He was not wearing a wedding ring.  I accepted the date.  He showed up at my apartment to pick me up and made a comment about how the baby was with his wife.  Everything slowed down in my mind… like slow motion in a movie.  I stammered, “you are not married, right?”  He looked at me in a bewildered way and said that he was separated but still married and he thought that I knew because of the baby seat in the back of the car!  I sent him packing that minute, with a sick feeling of ickyness covering me like goosebumps.

Lesson: there a many, many people who are married or at least “not divorced” and pretending to be single.  You need help sorting for that before you ever think about going out with someone.

Here is a list of things to look for that might be a signal that someone you are thinking of going out with is actually married:

And, if you don’t want to have to become a detective just to date, join a club that screens out the married people of the world, like Events and Adventures (  Then you can be sure that someone you are chatting with or going out with tonight is not going home to their wife!




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