A Guy’s Advice — If You Know Someone She Knows, A Girl Will Go Out With A Stranger

I have a guy friend who is not really a player, but he never has trouble finding a date. He told me that he never struggles in finding dates, because he has figured out that if he sees a girl he finds attractive, all he has to do is figure out how he knows someone who knows her.  Once she has made the connection between him and another one of her acquaintances, then he is sure that she will accept a date with him when he asks.

Could this be true?  I thought about my own experiences.  Hmmmm… if I knew that the guy knew someone I know, would it make any difference as to whether I would go out with him?

I decided that it would not ensure that I would go out with him, but it would in fact, justify my giving him the benefit of the doubt if I had any qualms about not going out with him just because he is a stranger.

Haven’t you done that before, ladies?  Decided not to go out with someone who just walked up and asked you because you didn’t know him — I know I have done that dozens of times — but if he gets me into conversation. and I find out that he knows someone I work with, or someone who is a friend of mine — if I was at all intrigued, I’d say “yes” to the date.
The key here is two-fold — first, you have to engage in conversation enough to find out what mutual acquaintances/connections you have.  It doesn’t matter how distant the connection.  Work. Friends. Sports Leagues. Neighbors.  Think about it — we are all about 3 degrees of separation away from EVERYONE in the city we live in, if you really analize it.

Second — guys, you have to be bold enough to ask — AFTER you figure out the person that you two have in common.  Something casual — not out to a fancy dinner or anything — LOW commitment level. But maybe on a friday night, so that if you two are having fun, the opportunity to extend the time together is still there.

Best of luck, and let me know how you do!!!


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