More Singles to meet in the World than EVER before!

One of the biggest cultural shifts of our generation is the quickly-growing number of people who are single. Some are single parents, some are never-married singles, some are divorced or widowed — but the total number of singles is greater than it has ever been.  You may be single, but you are NOT alone!

Here are some statistics from the US Census Bureau:

92 million
Number of unmarried adults in the United States. At that time, 60% of unmarried Americans 18 and older had never been married.  Another 25 percent were divorced, and 15 percent were widowed. Source: Facts for Features released by Census Bureau on July 21, 2008. But when data for the entire year is considered, the number of unmarried adults was tabulated at 100 million.

More than three times
The proportional increase of never married women ages 30 to 34 during the period 1970 to 2000 (from 6 percent to 22 percent). Men experienced a similarly dramatic increase
in singleness, from 9 percent to 30 percent. Indeed, young, single adults are much more common today than a generation ago.

This blog is dedicated to the issues and topics, questions and advice needed by singles across North America.

My humble qualifications for writing this blog: a B.S. in journalism, and having personally conducted one-hour interviews listening to stories of the love lives and social lives of close to 4,000 singles over the past 8 years.   I have truly listened to more singles’ stories than any of my readers will have ever heard, or have the time to read.  I offer knowledge honed from decades of experience being single myself — (although I gave up that status exactly one year ago on Sunday, when I married my soulmate); good common sense, and a true desire to help!

I will be posting my blog to my own Twitter account, and to the Twitter and Facebook account of Events and Adventures (, a 22-year-old adventure club for singles, coordinating more than 450 events per year in the cities it makes home, dedicated to assisting singles to live their best lives, make friends and have fun. Ironically, the club has also been responsible for countless marriages. Go figure — if you are living your best single life, you are more likely to meet your soulmate.    Hmmmm.  I know, from personal experience, because it happened to me. 🙂

Please write to me if there is a topic that affects singles that you would like for me to research or address for you! I already have years of knowledge and resources to pull from to help you to find the answers and try to help!


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