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Halloween: Great Opportunity to Meet Singles!
October 29, 2010

Halloween — The holiday of hiding your inhibitions behind a “mask.”  It’s no wonder people love this holiday — and why singles can more easily find love during this holiday.

I know people who are now engaged because of this holiday.  An opportunity for guys of all shapes and sizes to meet new people without the risk of “real” rejection.  If the girl walks away, it must have been the costume, right?

And girls, don’t tell me that you don’t savor the opportunity to wear the sexiest, most riske attire that you own for that evening — all in the quest of looking like the most authentic sexy nurse; or Batgirl;  or “I dream of Jeannie;”  or Tinkerbell;  Or Helga the Viking princess.   None of these characters ever looked sexier.  On this night alone, all ladies have a “pass” if our skirt is too short, enough cleavage is showing to be considered “intimidating,” and yes, you can get away with wearing that long, long mermaid wig and a cone shaped bra.  Or no bra.  There shall be no judgement on showing our sexuality on Halloween.  We all wake up on Nov. 1, still considered a “nice” girl, regardless of what we wore the previous evening.

But I’m not talking about just the “pick up,” I’m talking about a bona fide opportunity to find someone to start a relationship with.  So many times, I’ve seen that the only thing that REALLY gets in the way of meeting Mr. or Ms. “Right” is having the guts to start a conversation.  And to converse back.  And to give someone a chance to be real, and have fun with you.  Halloween takes down the barriers a bit.  I know that’s why the couple I know is getting married — they would never have met, if not for Halloween, because she would have been too, uh, well, “shy” to allow him into her conversation at a normal singles mixer.

The truth is that same “pass” that the ladies get on our attire that evening goes for men, too.  We give them a “pass” for talking to us, even if their look of the evening doesn’t have game.

Halloween is also a big night to meet your friends’-friends and extended network.  When normally you might be sitting around playing “Halo” or Wii with your immediate circle of friends, on Halloween you meet the next 3 degrees of separation from those friends, plus some out of town guests.  Now THAT’s an actual social networking opportunity!

Don’t miss it.  If you don’t have a Halloween party to go to, don’t fret — there’s one that I know of that is 100% singles, and another that I know of that is at least 40% singles (like the average bar, but with a MUCH bigger crowd).  Put on a costume, click the links below to find the one that’s right for you, and Seize the Night!

Let me know how you do 😉

Halloween Costume Party at the old Carnegie Library in Ballard — french and american food, DJ, costume gala 100% singles only!  If you join the club, tell them “Barb from the Events and Adventures Blog” sent you, and you get the party for free

Halloween Party at the Showbox — HUGE party, about 40% single.  No food, but a band. for entertainment.


More Singles to meet in the World than EVER before!
October 28, 2010

One of the biggest cultural shifts of our generation is the quickly-growing number of people who are single. Some are single parents, some are never-married singles, some are divorced or widowed — but the total number of singles is greater than it has ever been.  You may be single, but you are NOT alone!

Here are some statistics from the US Census Bureau:

92 million
Number of unmarried adults in the United States. At that time, 60% of unmarried Americans 18 and older had never been married.  Another 25 percent were divorced, and 15 percent were widowed. Source: Facts for Features released by Census Bureau on July 21, 2008. But when data for the entire year is considered, the number of unmarried adults was tabulated at 100 million.

More than three times
The proportional increase of never married women ages 30 to 34 during the period 1970 to 2000 (from 6 percent to 22 percent). Men experienced a similarly dramatic increase
in singleness, from 9 percent to 30 percent. Indeed, young, single adults are much more common today than a generation ago.

This blog is dedicated to the issues and topics, questions and advice needed by singles across North America.

My humble qualifications for writing this blog: a B.S. in journalism, and having personally conducted one-hour interviews listening to stories of the love lives and social lives of close to 4,000 singles over the past 8 years.   I have truly listened to more singles’ stories than any of my readers will have ever heard, or have the time to read.  I offer knowledge honed from decades of experience being single myself — (although I gave up that status exactly one year ago on Sunday, when I married my soulmate); good common sense, and a true desire to help!

I will be posting my blog to my own Twitter account, and to the Twitter and Facebook account of Events and Adventures (, a 22-year-old adventure club for singles, coordinating more than 450 events per year in the cities it makes home, dedicated to assisting singles to live their best lives, make friends and have fun. Ironically, the club has also been responsible for countless marriages. Go figure — if you are living your best single life, you are more likely to meet your soulmate.    Hmmmm.  I know, from personal experience, because it happened to me. 🙂

Please write to me if there is a topic that affects singles that you would like for me to research or address for you! I already have years of knowledge and resources to pull from to help you to find the answers and try to help!